If you have made it to this page it is because you have a heart of compassion and kindness. The Shannon Family, The Yoga Room AU and Born Into Heaven Foundation have partnered together in memory of angel Andie Virginia Shannon in the hopes that her legacy can spread love to families in need.

Your donation today will go directly to supporting Born Into Heaven's mission of providing financial relief to families who experience a stillborn birth of a child in the state of Alabama.

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"we were fortunate to not have had this burden when we lost Andie. I couldn't imagine the added heartbreak of not being able to afford it. "                         

Born Into Heaven Foundation

Our fundraising goal is $3,000. We know this amount would help on average 5 families. 

Help us continue to serve the community and impact families in such a loving way. The need is great, but the supports are few. We cherish your thoughtfulness and willingness to support this foundation, in honor of Andie.